Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a marketing strategy employed by some companies that excludes the advertising agencies and all the middlemen and directly uses individuals to market and sell its products.

In this case all the commissions are enjoyed by the Network marketer. That’s why you’ll hear about too much money in Network Marketing.

The marketing and selling is done in a Multi-level structure or a pyramidal structure. Each individual will start his own network and grow it downwards as more people join his tree line.

Network marketer earn commissions from their own work and from the work of other marketers in their network or tree line usually called genealogy. The bigger the network the bigger the cheque.

Last year alone Safaricom used about 7.9B advertising it’s commodities. Network Marketing companies use individuals hence they get a share of all the billions that would rather be spend on TVs, radios, billboards, FB etc adverts.

One fact you’ll notice about Network Marketing companies, they deal with high quality products. You display this products in the supermarket shelves and they’ll be passed by due to their prices. Hence the need to have people who already using them to recommend them to other people. Most of those products need explaining to new buyers before purchase that’s why they are sold directly by users.

For a small assignment, google “what billionaire say about Network Marketing”

Opposites Attract

Comfortably seated on the couch on a Sunday afternoon scrolling through the TV looking for a movie we both will enjoy.

Now that is one long search. We are the exact opposite when it come to entertainment. For movies I enjoy mystery, investigative, intelligence kind of stuff. He loves war movies or the kind with cars in jungles etc, he can spend the whole day watching documentaries on vehicles, solders or travels even animal and the blue world. I won’t spent a minute of my time on that.

The only documentaries I watch is munder in the heartland or serial killer stuff. He wonders how in the world watch that kind of stuff.

It’s been an hour since we started looking for a movie, we’ve watched a dozen trailers and still looking. Maybe we should just settle on The Notebook. That is our Sunday afternoon gone just like that.

I haven’t even touched on our different tastes in music, we are the real opposites.

But what do they say…Opposites Attract.

Network Marketing

Stop your ignorance.

Network Marketing is not a pyramid scheme.

It may be pyramidal is structure but give me an example of an organization that’s does not form a pyramid in it’s structure.

Let’s consider our universe for believers: there’s God then the angels then us humans, tell me if that does not form a pyramid.

Secondly I’ll use the structure of the organization I work for. We have the principal, deputy principals, head of departments, us teachers and lastly the students. A perfect pyramid.

As a matter of fact, pyramids are illegal for they fail to provide a product or valid service.

So what is Network Marketing!

I Am a Teacher

They call me mwalimu or Madam.

I am still getting used to the name, I have only had it for two weeks anyway.

I am a Surveyor by profession, so how did I find myself in a class.

It all started when I moved from Nairobi to Kisumu two years ago. All my clients are in Nairobi, sometimes I would travel to Nairobi just so I would do afew jobs here and there. With time it become hectic, I stopped.

That is when I started looking for a job in the government, permanent and pensionable. I needed a regular comfortable life.

By this time I was expecting, and so a regular job with flexible schedule would be good for me and my baby, my family too.

When public service advertised for vacancies in their technical institutions, I knew my prayers had been answered. So I applied. I was 4 months in expectation.

At six months I was called for an interviewby Siaya Institute. Didn’t like it at all. It’s like they asked me how to use a phone booth when I am a smartphone era babe.

Guess I flopped.

Then when I was past 41 weeks I received a call from TKNP inviting me for an interview the following week on a Thursday, it’s was a Tuesday. I was 2 days past due date, heavy, fat and tired. But I confirmed my attendance anyway.

Saturday morning I received my bundle of joy and on Thursday I went for the interview with my five day old baby girl.

Months later when I had given up and planning on starting a business I was called and asked to collect my acceptance letter from the Kisumu Polytechnic.

On 26th February I reported for work. Two days later I had my maiden class (a story for another day).

And walla I am a Teacher.

You can call me Mwalimu.

March 15th.

Been A While

Been a while for sure!!

Things went fast.

Am the kind that moves with speed.

But alas! This was fast.

He first called on 10th of January 2018.

10th of February we were meeting the parents.

His in Nakuru where we had late breakfast or call it early lunch.

I mate his mum, sister together with son and his cousin and husband who were in Nakuru visiting a daughter in boarding school.

Then we drove to Lugari, where we shared late lunch with my grandpa, uncle and sister.

Message was we were courting with intent to marry soon.

April 28th was set for dowry payment or ‘rurachio’

His family came to our home, it was a beautiful ceremony with hiccups though but we enjoyed.

June 9th we wedded.

The ceremony was held in Kisumu

And off we went to start our life together.

It is said the first year of marriage is a difficult one, and yes we had afew hard months of adjustment.

We celebrated our first anniversary with a six month only pregnancy.

And today we parenting a two months old baby girl.

It’s been one year nine month since that first call.

Pretty fast,,, don’t you think.

Act like a girl in love

Saturday January 20th
Adongo (my bestie)is super excited about Jay and I dating. The moment he told her, (she asked), that he had asked me and the answer was yes she set a wedding month. She already has a wedding dress and the whole wedding, engagement, dowry visits figured out. She’s surely acting like a girl in love.
I am not there yet. She doesn’t understand why, considering we have organized weddings before without a man even in view.
I am really cautious. For one, Jay is the exact opposite of those I have dated before. I swore that I would not marry from his region reason being that my dad is from the same region and I never met him.
I actually I have no idea who he is, I waited all my childhood for him to come for me but he never did. And I developed a negative opinion of his whole lot.
I have my own reservations about marriage too. It was never a necessity in my life until I started practicing my faith which forbids “intimacy” before marriege.
As days go by, all I get to here about marriage are negative stories. And that scares me out of my skin. Recently just before Jay came along I had been saying repeatedly that I do not want to get married. I am still not sure that I want to. But I need a companion coz it get really lonely sometimes, most times actually.
I like Jay. I liked him from before, three years ago when we would meet for worship before he disappeared.
Now he’s back and he wants me. I should be excited, scream his name in my sleep. Act like a girl in love.
Yesterday in the evening I found my self telling him of my fears and concerns about marriage. I felt bad because I sounded really pessimistic even to myself that I asked to hung up and go to bed. I didn’t wanna talk any more and went to bed feeling depressed.
The next day when I told him why I didn’t want to talk in length….
He said we should focus on friendship, let marriage come when it feels right.
Sounds really nice, something that I want to have.
I actually feel love, it takes writing to bring out my feelings.

He’s come At last

Wednesday January 10th
The day wasn’t going as planned. Despite our many efforts to start work we had trouble operating the survey equipment software. So we decided to go home at midday.
We were having coffee (Adongo) and tea (me) when my phone rung. It was a nameless number, I answered.
“Hello Carol, its Brian, Mburu asked me for your number but I could not give it to him until I speak to you.”
“Jay!, how is he, I have missed him. Please give him my number, I’ll be waiting for his call.”
I turned to Adongo.
“Guess who that was?”
“I have no idea but he’s got respect.”
“Its Brian, Mburu asked him for my number.”
She was excited!!!
“Wow, Carol do you know what that means?”
I had an idea but I didn’t want to count my chicks before they hatch.
That evening he called. His voice was a little strange. Maybe because I had never talked to him on phone before or because the last time I spoke to him was three years ago.
That was the beginning of many hours of calling and SMS-ing.
It was on a Wednesday, he was scheduled to travel to Nairobi from Kisumu on Sunday. We arranged to meet at our place of worship then have lunch afterwards.
That would be our first lunch together, hopefully the first of many to come.

Perfect Duet

This songs seems to be following me everywhere. Since the day he sent it to me I have developed an ear for it. I love Ed Sheeran’s music but this particular one did not catch my antention nor hold it. After listening to it on YouTube I kinda forgot about it immediately.
I got goose bumps listening to it (after he had sent) on my phone, I heard it from the heart this time. That evening it was played on NTV and I sat down and watched. I loved the cartoon video of an inventor finding love and kids coming later. It is a beautiful love story.
The next day in the salon it was played, its part of Maina’s collection and I keenly listened to each and every word. This morning as we were making our way to Kitengela for work it played on radio. Why is it following me everywhere I go. Has it been here all this time and I din’t just listen or could it be that I did not notice before coz it did not apply to me.
Could the heavens be sending me a message, that this is a perfect duet. That I should put my guard down and open my heart to love. That despite my reservations about marriage I can actually have a good one. A good one because me and him we are a perfect duet.

Wedding day

I won’t bore myself with the waking up ritual and preparation. I was picked at twenty minutes to 11am, the time the service was to start. Makindu,a the venue is just fifteen minutes away. My aunt insisted that the bride is supposed to be late.

All the weddings I have attended before I have always been on the other side. Waiting to see the flower girl, page boy, brides maids and finally the bride. This time I was on the being awaited side. When my turn came to walk in I did in style. It was my moment to shine and shine I did.

By the time I got to my seat I was shaking. All that pressure and all the eyes. It took a minute to compose myself. I watched as the bride walked in, slowly with the parents holding her hands. As she was handed over to her man I could see the pressure, I could feel it. I am not sure I wanna go through all that, when I get my man I will probably take him to the AG and get over with it.

The speech was really good. The one point I went home with was the comparison of love to the clothes we wear. They do cover a lot from our misgivings. And if we have love, especially the couple then they’ll only see the good in each other.

From the hall we left for the photo session then the highlight of the program. Reception. We were welcomed with songs and dance, the rest of the guests were at the venue already.

Food was served, I was on the high table so I got mine fast. The rest were queuing and I saw my son at the end of the line. I was unable to start eating. The queue was moving slowly so I asked the bride if I could have my son served from the high table.

He was, and then I started eating too. Just then the DJ played Marry you a song done by Diamond of Tanzania in collaboration with Ne-yo of USA, I could not contain myself. I again asked the bride for permission to dance. It was just me, no one joined but I did it anyway to the end. I am not shy when it comes to dancing.

After the speeches from parents and the cakes. The floor was opened for dancing. And dancing we did until evening when the couple left.

Left to have their first night together.

The beginning of the rest of their lives together.