I love the new song Natafuta Kiki (looking for my kick start) by a Tanzanian star. He sings of his desire to hit the headlines, become popular and hence get a boost in his musical career.He sings of scandalous things that hes gonna do like start up rumors about famous ladies, that they are in romantic relationship with him that some even have left their boyfriend for him even goes further to say that one is soon having his baby. Still he plans to abusively speak about some popular musicians and managers ,bringing up false accusations against them that they have defrauded him. What a way to want to become popular.

Well am looking for mine.

We all are in one way or another. For some its that job that’s gonna utilize their potential and skills to the full while for some it maybe that level of education that when they do achieve it’ll be a kick start to life.

Mine is a story.

Have always loved writing, yes have kept a journal for years. I do remember keeping one in high school but i missed a term and somehow was read. That never felt good. Then in college tried writing but was careful not to include any personal information just in case history repeated itself.

After college my boss advised me to write about the places I was sent for work because most times they were out of civilization. And just like that my journal-ing started.The journal contains intriguing stories of the places i have -visited mostly for work, the people have met and worked and interacted with and my personal life.

My desire has always been to share this stories with the public through blogging but never had the courage to do so. Am the kind of person who overthinks and ends up with reasons not to do something.Because of my over analysis i find it difficult to even post something of Facebook because of fear of criticism and negative comment, you know people can be mean sometimes.

So again am looking for my kick.

That story that is gonna mark me as a story teller. Interesting and juicy the story that is gonna leave my readers salivating for more. Then from there on am gonna have the courage to share the stories in my journal.



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