Nanyuki is about 220kms from Nairobi and boarders Mt Kenya to the South-East. Its a beautiful town especially in the morning when the rising sun rays scape the mountain top and shine down upon the town. The evenings are beautiful more so this time of the year when its less cloudy and the mountain outline to the apex can be seen clearly.

I had always assumed that the town is hot and dry, but shock was on me the first time I visited. Its really chilly in the mornings and evenings, due to the cold winds that descent the mountain. So if you plan on visiting ensure you carry some warm clothing.

Its mostly a plain land so one can see a long distance away as far as their vision can allow. Except to the East where the mountain blocks your view. For many this is a town full of ranches and the British settlers. Thats equally true, even locals own big chunks of land and coexist peacefully with wild animals. 

Nanyuki is home to some of the most exotic and expensive hotels in Kenya. One such is Fairmont Hotel where the presidential suite costs 1000USD per night. Thats the point I stop dreaming. Still one can enjoy numerous camping sites and hiking escapades.

I did notice the vehicles too, mostly they are land cruises, Nissan patrols and land rovers. That prepares one for bumpy rides since most roads are all weather roads. One major feature is the British Army barracks and the Kenya Air force base. So army tracks and uniformed men and women are a common site.

Every town has a story of its own and Nanyuki is no exception. The railway line from Nairobi terminates here. That was not the original plan. They say that the engineer who was the custodian of the designs was dating a Samburu lady. They had a big fight and so the lady took the designs which were on paper, this was in the early 1900s and used them to make a fire. That was the end of the project. ….

This town is at the end of the rail. Mwisho wa reli. Beyond it, theres little civilization. So if you wanna follow the tarmar or rail road to the end, this is the direction to take.


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