One of my craziest childhood imagination is to do with the cartography of maps specifically the one of Africa. Maybe thats the reason why I became a surveyor.

Different colours are usually used on maps to represent themes under consideration. In this case the themes were countries in the African continent. On this particular map, colour green had been used for Kenya, Maroon for Uganda, yellow for Somalia etc.

In my Civic education I had been taught that the green colour on our flag represented our vegetation and land, white stood for peace, red the blood shed to gain independence and black was for the colour of our skin. So I believed that green vegetation is only in Kenya.

In my grandmothers banana farm, there were many types of bananas but the one that caught my attention was the one that was maroon in colour. Thats the ugandan banana, I was told.

My little head tried to connect the relation between the colours on the map, my civic education and the maroon coloured bananas in my grandmas plantation.

Wow…flying over Africa, one does behold a beautiful continent full of colours, I thought. I wished for the day I would fly over.(My wish hasn’t come true yet). 

My imagination was that each country had a different type of vegetation colour: green for Kenya, maroon for Uganda and yellow for Somalia considering most part are arid land. When I looked at the map in the Atlas with each country represented by a different colour, I imagined thats what I would see when in space as I gaze down upon the earth.

Crazy….? right….I was ten years old.

I know thats not the case. So as a surveyor I ensure that I portray information on a map in a way as not to be misinterpreted.

I try as much as I can not to confuse one little girl somewhere.


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