He needed a surveyor almost immediately and I, a job. So when he called Monday morning, I was ready and hours later on my way. Left home at 8:30 pm. Needed to be at the bus station by 9:30 since 10pm was departure time.

Most buses insit on punctuality yet they never keep time, but not mash poa, I loved that about them. At 10pm on the dot the bus pulled off the station and in afew minutes we were on mombasa road. Our first stop was at a petrol station. Unnoticed by me, the bus had taken a u turn to the filling station. When leaving the station I felt like it was taking the wrong turn and it was like we were headed back for Nairobi. Am very careful with turns and directions when travelling because with long journeys I sometimes loose sense of direction. That makes it almost imposible for me to find my way around at my destination. It has happenned before and I had to take a power nap at the station to reconfigure the map in my head.

Sleeping bring out the uncoolnes that we would never show otherwise. However cool one may act when awake, forget it in sleep. I can see it clearly with my neighbour. When I got on the bus he was all eyes on his phone did not even bother give a friendly glance at the me when I said hello. Minutes later the lights were switced off and slowly the voices became low and eventually disappered. My ‘cool’ neighbour was still on his phone. 

I would have loved to take out my phone and write in my blog but using the phone or reading in a moving vessels causes motion sickness, and when I get naused I end up loising my sense of direction. Phone for emegerncies only.

I wish he knew the kind of sleeping positions he had taken. Right now his bam is almost at the same level as my head. Ohh my, hope nothing comes out, ,,,, Next it was his head almost poping out of the window and almost kissing the man on the front seat. Really dude. Please wake up and stay cool.

We had a 15 mins stop over, at some place I have never stopped before. I always lament at how prizes are exhobetant at the ‘Msomali’ stopover but this place was on another level of prizing. Worse still all they had were soft drinks and cakes,,,, really. So I bought minute maid juice and went back to the bus.

A few hours later I was enjoying a cool Mombasa, I mean it is cooler that Nairobi temperature at 26 while in Nairobi it was 30 degrees celcius, best time to be here. Had breakfast, mbaazi cooked in coconut milk was definately part of it.

Together with the driver who had picked me, we headed of to Lunga Lunga to start our work -survey for the Coastal Water Services Board. 



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