The many times I had seen this song title on youtube I never gave it much thought, I did not like the name Aiyola and had never heard of Harmonize.

Then, this one time while on facebook I saw a video posted of a 7 year old boy singing the song. The crowd in the video cheered and sang along. It was beautiful. I loved what I saw and heard and immediately I logged on youtube to watch the official video.

I loved the tune and the theme, and the video told the story so well it complimented the song. In Aiyola, Harmonize tells the story of a girl of his who stared dating an older rich man. It broke his heart to leave her but he had to. He could no longer tolerate the ill treatment and lack of appreciation from her.

Its actually a sad story but written poetically and sang so beautifully, that its hard not to love it and him too. He was just at the start of his musical career but he did so well as compared to the many who have been in the scene for years. The lyrics, the tune, the story and expecially his voice, wow, I fell in love with all that.

I was obsessed with Aiyola by Harmonize for months. I listened to it when I woke up and danced to it while working and before shower. When bored and needed to lift my spirits it was my drug. At parties, it was no party for me untill Aiyola was played. 

My favorite part in the video is where he dances shirtless in the rain, he’s back moves are so cool. I never get bored watching the video. I love the white dress worn by the lady too.

Best line

Nilifundishwa na bibi kijijini, jinsi ya kupenda,

Na mwanamke hapigwi na ngumi ila kwa upande was kanga…

Looking forward to more by Harmonize.. 


4 thoughts on “Aiyola by Harmonize

      1. Je comprend pas pourquoi vous mettez une photo de Raffarin pour illustrer vos propos sur la musique classique, vi3n8n&#i230;&#82v0;Hein ?!? je suis bête au quoi ?!? …..euh parlez plus fort je vous prie je suis un peu dur d’oreille !( bien que méli-mélomane )


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