Drinking at the table of men

While growing up, I continually  heard an advert on the radio that went like, in part.

“1759 our time, guinness time”

In 1759, Arthur Guinness had produced a masterpiece in  brewed beer,  and he put his signature on it, it said. 

But it was always followed by ‘not to be sold to persons under the age of eighteen’ 

I could not wait for my eighteeth birthday, after which I would get a chance to enjoy some guinness at 17:59pm.  Later on there was this popular jam..

 ‘ am not sober coz I have taken guinness’ 

My desire for guinnes continued to grow. But somehow when I was of legal age, I was introduced to other drinks for guinness was considered not girlish/ ladish and so for some time I forgot about it.

The first time I tasted it,  was in my fourth year of college. We had gone for a survey camp in one of the university farms/ property in Kibwezi, located miles away from civilization.

The only drinks served in the evening were beers, I did not like the taste of any of them but guinness. It tasted a little bit bitter but I loved it. A friend suggested that I blend with some cold coke to suppress the bitterness, it worked. For the three weeks at the camp, guinness and I interacted every evening.

When I started working, my work would take me to places in small towns -Hola, Bura, Tot, Katilu,, just to name at afew. The only drinks served in  these towns are beers, have never understood why. 

I prefer wine but after a long day of working in the hot sun walking for miles, all I want is a bottle of chilled guinness. 

In surveying the ratio of women to men is really small, so many times I would be the only lady in a group of five to ten men far away from home. 

There was a new guinness advert of a young man whose big brother worked in the city. When he came to visit, he brought presents for each family member, clothes mostly for the women. He had a bottle of guinness for his small brother and a question. 

“Are you ready to drink at the table of men?” 

Yes, he was, and days later he sent him a ticket so that he could go to the city. He was ready to drink at the table of men. 

Guinness, the drink rich in colour and flavour, I love how it pours into a glass foaming at the top.  My mouth waters as I impatiently wait for it to get in.  It’s not for every Tom, Dick and Jerry, no it’s for those who understand the taste of brewed beer. It’s for those who qualify to drink at the table of men. 

As I enjoy my bottle of guinness together with my collegues, five gentlemen, I raise my bottle proudly, for I drink at the table of men.


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