There are few things that annoy me, and they annoy me to my bones.  One is yawning with the mouth open.

Growing up my mother would put her finger or whatever she was holding (mostly a pen because it happened in church) into my mouth if I yawned without covering my mouth.  So I got used to covering it,  and I am very thankful that she taught me to yawn with my mouth covered. 

I took to the practise in college handing down a lesson learned from my mother, and my friends got in on the joke. On the last lecture period before lunchtime we would sit ready with out pens, to thrust them into wide mouthed yawners.

It was embarrassing, I know because it happened to me.  It was like a reminder that madam/sir  you just gave a yawn with your mouth open. Who wants to be reminded on the simple rules of decency. 

I hate it even more when it happens  during long journeys mostly those taken overnight, please fellow passenger save us from the foul smell. 

I don’t mind the sounds people make though,  just hate having to pear down your throat.  Am not your dentist, why show me your molars. 

If you do it in my presence, you gonna swallow whatever is in my hand. 

Be warned. 



10 thoughts on “Yawners be warned

  1. Umarim gerceklesir hayaliniz bir sekilde 🙂 Aah benim hayalim de dunya turu. Esimin konrrfanslaeina bel bagliyorum ben de. Yoksa esime gore dunya bir tik mesabesinde 🙂


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