As we take this short cut, we are really grateful that it exists.  This road will shorten our mileage by half and save us alot of time and money. 
With the main  highway we would cover almost 50kms, travelling about 18kms on the Southern bypass then 30kms on Thika superhighway. But this road is like the hypotenus of a right angled triangle,  we gonna cut across and travel for only 20kms.

We take a right turn, and call to let out host know we’ll be there in about 30mins. Down the road we drive, as I apply another layer of powder on  my oily chicks. Just 7kms to go, it’s really a shortcut. 

 We carefully take a sharp corner  and the driver breaks suddenly missing a heap of sand by an inch. And right ahead there’s this huge sign ..

                ROAD CLOSED.  

Really, the contractor decided to have the road repaired on this particular day. And he never bothered to place a sign at beginning of the road informing motorists  that’s there no through way. 

And to make it difficult for anyone to sneak through he blocks the road with a heap of sand,  and no warning whatsoever. 

Now we have to drive 13 kms back to the highway, then the 48kms. Our host is expecting us in a few minutes, but it’s gonna take more than an hour to get to our destination…grrrrr. 

It’s such a nuisance, and problem is that it happens all the time. It’s like all contractors are on a mission to annoy road users. 

If you are a Kenyan motorist you’ve surely encountered this. More so at this time of political compains when politicians are trying to woo voters with last minute delivery of services. 


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