From  the main land at Mokowe we took a speed boat to the Island.  First we stopped on Manda island next to the airport in order to set one of the base GPS on a known beacon. As my collegues set the equipment I changed into my bikini and got into the ocean water.  I had been in the Coast for more than two weeks and not once had I even felt the ocean water. I could not take it any more and considering my bikini is the first thing I packed, I had to at least have a swim. 

From  Manda we rode to Lamu Island,  the city of desire,,, I stayed in my bikini wearing a dress over, easy to remove in case I get a chance to swim again or play in  the water.  I was really excited to get to Lamu, as we approached the white painted beautifully architectured houses,  my excitement grew. 

Suddenly it was killed.

At the jetty, the first thing I saw were grown up men running bare feet towards our boat to help with our luggage. I just got annoyed. I love my legs so much that I have even writen about them(will share someday). I do not wear open shoes when there is a chance that my toes will get dirty.  And here people are walking bare feet. I could not take it. 

The bare feet men carried our bags and we headed to Baharini hotel which was within our budget. As we walked on the cabro made road,  I saw dirt and wondered if a kid had ‘pooped’ on the road. With each step I took there was more. As we squeezed through the thin corridors called Lamu streets stopping now and then to let the over loaded  donkeys pass I realized that it was donkey feaces. What a disgusting sight, to make it worse I stepped on a heap. Aaai. That lowered my spirits completely. 

At the hotel we agreed on a good deal with the hotelier, and just when my collegues Mathina deeped into his pocket to get the money I changed my mind. I could see the annoyance in their faces,  but I was in a foul mood myself to give much thought to their feelings. I think I had so much negative energy in me that I wanted to transfer to others,  and I did. Sorry! 

He bargained for another deal for just himself and we left for work. 

We set my GPS(RTK) base at the highest point in Lamu- the water supply offices and started by taking the details of the water tanks within the compound. Step by step I followed the main pipelines collecting the coordinate for the pipe nodes. What a difficult task it was. The small corridor surmounted by the tall buildings (3-4floors) obstructed the GPS signal which made it impossible to get a fixed position at some node points.  We decided to instead carry out a topographic survey in which case the elevation(the critical data in our survey) would be interpolated from the surface generated from the topograpgical data. 

Still it was not easy collecting the data, it took alot of time even more than 10mins to collect one point while in ideal conditions it takes only 10 seconds. And the heat in Lamu! I felt like I was in an oven. I hated surveying in Lamu.

Evening came and still I had not thought of where I would sleep, so I called my new friend Danny who was still in Lunga Lunga. He’s a resident of Lamu and I was hoping he’ll help me find a place.  “Please give me a second I find out if my friend can host you” he told me. 

Am really glad that I took his number way back in Lunga Lunga, because it came so handy in Lamu and because of him I had a night to remember….. 

He called me back,  and yes he had found a place for me to spend the night….. 


5 thoughts on “Working in Lamu

        1. Oh – I di21d#8&n7;t particularly care for his wife either. I just thought that he got annoyed one day, didn’t see that he could help the situation, ran away, made things worse and then just when it seemed he was being a bit of a grown-up, he ran away again at the worst possible moment. He was selfish. She was too. I think the character I enjoyed the most was “the other woman” – she at least had a mind of her own. Let me know what you think of the progression of Rabbit through the rest of the series!


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