I woke up to a happy anniversary message from wordpress. It’s been a year since I started my blog. Though for nine months the only post was my first blog post, in February this year I decided to start sharing my stories, and am glad I did.  

For three months now I have enjoyed blogging, the writing and reading and hope it will continue. With 19 posts so far, 193 visitors and a total of 546 views I feel fortunate to have such an audience. 

Thank you for your support. 

And looking forward to more learning, entertainment and inspirations from everyone.

Blogging rocks!!! 


20 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary 

    1. Ok, děkuji za přínosné rady. Pokud bude zájem, tak po realizaci zašlu foto "inovovaného" zařízení.Poslední dotaz, kdybych reakční člen použil i při 1D, je to na škodu? Když dělám obě destilace na stejném zařízení.

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      1. I just started on the 15th of April so not even a month for me. This is all new to me and a little overwhelming at times, but I am determined to stick with it!

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  1. Oi, mä sain ruispuurosta tarpeeksi koulussa, jossa sitä oli PAKKO syödä:( Muuten puuroa syön palMln.jeiloä oli muuten samat ruoat eilen 🙂


  2. Letters are not read or censured -where does this idea come frr.iComms bring their mail to the wing office in the morning – it is supposed to be unsealed so that it can be seen there is nothing inside.It is then sealed UNREAD and sent out.If they say it is checked and censured they are LYING.


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