Danny came through for me. His friend Jeff would host me for the night in Shella a posh neighbourhood within Lamu Island. Jeff came for me at the Baharini hotel and we had to walk to Shella since the public service boats had already closed for the night, it was about 7pm.
As I walked beside him on the dark deserted road with three of his friends behind us,  I wondered just where this road would lead to and what I was up for at my destination. I was in the company of four strangers introduced to me by a friend who was but a stranger two weeks ago, who by the way I had only seen (conversed) face to face for about 30mins in Lunga Lunga. I know it sounds dangerously crazy but I was up for an adventure. From the look of things Jeff had the idea that I was Danny’s girlfriend, I didn’t wanna correct him if that meant protection for me.  I mean he would want to treat a friend’s friend with respect and dignity and I was banking on that. 
When we walked into the compound the first thing I noticed was The Bougainvillea my favorite flower. I have got an eye for it,  I can notice it even in pitch darkness as it is the case.

The house is magnificent, white in colour and built in the Swahili design. The bed rooms are big and spacious, and do not forget the balcony facing the ocean with an acacia tree towering over.
I was welcomed with a glass of chilled shnewps. Though I try to minimize my intake of chilled drinks coz they cause  inflammation of my tonsils, I gladly accepted, I didn’t want to disrupt his order of entertaining guests. Will take some piriton before going to bed. 

My host prepared beef in curry and coconut milk accompanied by Ugali.  It was delicious and I did justice to the huge Ugali that he prepared, I didn’t wanna let my folks down (I come from the Luhya tribe and we are considered as foodies and lovers of Ugali). 

After which he brought a bottle of red wine and invited myself and one of his friend to the balcony (the others had gone to their homes) for a drink. 

          *        *        *
I cannot believe that I am having a night of my life considering the foul mood that I had the whole afternoon.

I sip on a glass of red wine enjoying the cool breeze from the Indian ocean, and listen to the sea wave  gently hitting against the sea wall afew meters away. I laugh at myself for being such a baby during the day and look back at how it all came to be.

I always take my feelings seriously and today am happy I did.  Though I acted childish when I refused to get accommodation with my collegues at Baharini hotel am happy I did. That lead to this. Will apologize tomorrow. 
For now am spending my evening in a very expensive five bedroomed beach house. It’s costs 2800$ a night, that’s right, not USD but sterling pounds.   About 375K, Kenya shillings a night. I got dreams but this is the point at which I stop dreaming. I know in school we were told the sky is the limit, but unless the figure above is beyond the sky,then my dream is way way below.

Who spends that kind of money on a Holiday for only a night. Do they like inhale hydrogen instead of oxygen. Imagine if they stay for a week. Anyway, they are billionaires they can afford it. 

But tonight I am gonna have a taste of their life, sleep on the same beds they do, eat on the same plates and drink from the same cups and glasses, billionaire or not. 

We sit on the balcony and enjoy the serenity of the night. Once in a while the sound of the roaring motor of a speed boat breaks the silence. My host after while invites me for a tour of the roof,  from above I can see so much.  Like the lights from the Kenya Navy base to the South East and the lights of the American marine base to the North East. He shows me the blinking lights that indicate to the deep sea users the edge of shallow seas a position that they cannot go beyond. He still show me the lights coming from the Chinese company camp that’s working on the Lamu port. 
It was a starless night but all in all I enjoyed my evening.
          *      *       *

And I woke up the next morning to the sight of the bougainvillea outside my bedroom window. 
That was my awesome night in Lamu. 


7 thoughts on “Lamu-a night to remember 

  1. That was the best twist a girl could ever hope for. How u maximised on being ‘ Danny’s girlfriend’ for your own protection was super witty. That wine, I was in! The pictures topped it all up. Proud of you Carolyne

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