Ten years ago I arrived as a freshman 

Innocent and unware of the ways

But ready to explore and implore

And chase after my dreams 

          *   *   *

But tonight is my last 

The last of my life in the big city

The hustle and bustle 

Don’t think I’ll miss it

          *   *   *

I have loved and I have engaged in

The good the bad and the wild 

But ready for a change

The simplicity of a small town

          *   *   *

I pack all that I have acquired 

Will I need all these really?

Away I throw the bad and the wild

Ready for the new life

          *   *   *

In my sleep its all gonna pass through my mind

My achievements and regrets too

A life thats gonna be dead in afew

And pave way for a new start 

          *   *   *

Hope am gonna find myself again

Change my dreams to realities 

Sure to love and enjoy small town life

For tomorrow it starts 

          *   *   *


23 thoughts on “For tomorrow it starts 

    1. O autor conhece algum detentor de poder vitalício, num regime de poder absoluto, que tenha escolhido fazer o bem em vez do mal? Só queria um, para além do Papa.É que, por outro lado, conheço muitos homens que, tendo o seu cargo garantido vitaliciamente e o seu poder sem limites, se deixaram levar por caprichos crueis e me.aaómlnosg..


  1. Bravo! Bravo! La vida, bene vida! A change in life is always promising. You only need a plan of which I know you’ve got. I wish you success.

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  2. I love small town life. I’ve lived in several area’s ranging from farmland to city life. Small town life is by far my favorite. Though where I live it’s a busy college town also giving the small town a busy feel for a big portion of the year. My best advice for enjoying small town life is to enjoy all the little things and enjoy the time and space it gives.

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  3. you just told the story of my life, from the city to small laid back town…hmmmm….working hard to rid of the bad habits….for tomorrow, mine starts as well…

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