The  other day I went to the bank to check on  my account because I had encountered a problem while trying to access it via ATM. 

 I had opened the account in 2015 when working for Alliance Ventures, all employees had to have accounts with them for remittance of their salaries. The job ended after six months and so did my interests with the bank account.

Recently these was renewed. The company I freelanced for in April insisted on my providing a co-op account to make it easier when providing the payment. And so my check was deposited into that account. 

Funny thing the bank never refuses to accept a check even if the account has been rendered dormant or has issues. Problems arise when you want to get the money. 

This one time we deposited a cheque into a company’s account that had been opened afew day before.  Well it was accepted and money transferred into the account. The dilemma was at the time of withdrawal. This is because a confirmation of the registration of the company had to be received first from the Registrar of Companies before the money would be released. And this had delayed. 

Why did the bank accept the cheque before the confirmation? 

Just wondering!!!  


I walk into the banking hall, collect a token and sit waiting for my number to be called. In a short while am at the inquiry desk. I provide my ATM card and ID and give him the reason for my visit. 

‘I have tried withdrawing money from my account through the ATM but my request is rejected and am given code 119. What does that mean?’ I ask. 

‘Your account has been rendered dormant’ He informs me. 

I need to fill a form requesting for reactivation, which I gladly accepts. In a minute or two I give him back the filled form. He goes through and gives it back. 

 ‘pls write the reason for the account being rendered dormant’

I had written, ‘ Inactive for a while ‘ 

Looking at it now I see how vague that statement is. So I write ‘ It was a salary account when I was employed but not anymore’ He accepts the reason. 

‘Is it gonna cost me anything?’ I ask. 

‘You need to deposit at least 100 bob’

I bust out laughing. 

 The bank accepted a cheque of several hundreds,  and I can’t access the money unless I deposit at least 100 shillings. Really. Why can’t it get one of the many 100s already deposited. 

‘It’s the system’

He goes ahead to explain trying hard to hide the annoyance in his face. That the system is set that way. 

They always blame the system,  

the system is jammed,

  the system is slow,  

the system has crushed, 

the system, the system.

What is this system!!!! 

And since I know very little about the system…… I smile (trying hard to hide my lack of knowledge on this subject ) and walk with my single note of a hundred bob to the teller, for the final step of my account reactivation.  

And smile again all the way to the ATM.


5 thoughts on “Co-operative bank- account reactivating 

  1. The system is only as good as the person developing. The system did not know you had deposited because it’s developed to be reactivated by the bank. It’s like the account was just a ‘box’ holding a cheque it had no idea the owner. It’s open from your end but closed from their end. You get? Hahaha

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