Am damned when its a sleepless night

For all I do is imagine

Or maybe hear what’s going on 

Going on in the neighborhood 

Flats are one transparent life

          *   *   *

The baby upstairs can’t shut up

Cries cries cries, the house girl curses 

It’s gonna be a no sleep night for her

And me too

Flats are one transparent life

          *   *   *

I hear noises from the bachelor’s house

Our beds are separated by a thin wall

Am pissed and jealous 

For I have been their before 

Flats are one transparent life

         *   *   *

The gate opens, he drives out fast

He overstayed, wife is gonna be waiting 

It happens every Friday 

And the whole neighbourhood knows 

Flats are one transparent life 

         *   *   *

She comes in at dawn

Everyday except on Sundays

Tries as hard not to make a sound

Thinks her Job is a secret 

Flats are one transparent life

          *   *   *

The career lady wakes up early

I listen as the shower runs for a while 

She locks her door with a bang

Angry at us who stay in

Flats are one transparent life

          *   *   *

They wonder about me

They’ve made up a hubby for me in Dubai

To explain how I pay my bills 

For I stay in always 

So they imagine

Flats are one transparent life


24 thoughts on “Life in the flats

  1. Hahaha where did your brains hit this time? Good composed poem!

    The bachelor’s house! Does the persona mean they have been to that bachelor’s bed?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. … Oh like white folks don't act the fool at soccer matches all over Europe every day.Slappy you're full of dung.Why so defensive? Egyptians were never black. DNA has proven that. I mean you really didn't think that there actually was one successful black civilization despite all historical and todays real world experience and then it poof magically didr–peeu-sed leaving you behind


  2. I know this transparent lifestyle! My upstairs get ‘squeesy’ and sensual!!! Not in that space, need no reminder. I envy your new environment. Say hello to your ‘Dubai man.’

    Liked by 1 person

      1. La silla es para nuestro futuro pequerrecho, Mateo, que ganas de verle la carita y comérnoslo a beush!!!Mocsas gracias por el sorteo porque con los tiempos que corren toda ayuda es poca, y los peques se merecen todo lo mejor!!!


  3. I love this! And I gotta admit, I hated living in, as you guys say, ‘flats’. Here across the pond, we’ve got to call them ‘apartments’. But I lived in a house for the first 32 years of my life and then when I moved into a flat, I hated it and I always will.

    But this was great!

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  4. Merci ma belle,Pour la réponse pour le site de photo, va sur le lien du forum, il y a une bonne explication des choses qui ne vont pas! Pour le 6D, 3b0o8éprnse photo a déjà fait une prise en main dans leur dernier numéro, sortie il y a une semaine.


  5. Made the mashed potatoes yesterday. Couldn't stop eating them!! Definately not &qhet;hoaltuy" but in moderation,who cares. Some of the BEST I've EVER had. Will keep on making them.They are addictive.


  6. Odd molly har för mig blivit guldkanten pÃ¥ vardagen. SÃ¥ härligt att nÃ¥gon gÃ¥ng ibland unna mig ett plagg som gör mig extra glad och ger en känsla av lyx. Att fÃ¥ äga en vacker, snygg och lyxig jacka med den lilla vita lappen pÃ¥ skulle vara den yttersta lyckan. Om lyckostjärnan lyser pÃ¥ mig sÃ¥ skulle jag önska mig den vita jackan…


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