In a bus to Kathyka, some remote place 25 kms from Kibwezi town. The kind of place where if you miss to catch the 9am bus, you’ll wait till 12noon then 3pm and last 6 pm. Its that remote.

Saul owns a big chunk of land there and he had requested me to survey and place beacons on the boundary. I cannot give a quotation for the job unless I carry out a reconnaissance. That’s what my visit is all about.

The smell of a child poop was what hit my nose when I first stepped in the bus. So I sat next to the door and opened the window.

There is this hawker selling some miti shamba (herbal medicine). Yapping on an on in his mother tongue, Kikamba. Don’t think anyone is listening or maybe it’s just me. Its interesting coz everyone communicates in this language, I need to learn it because am gonna be staying in the this place for a long long time.

My son started school yesterday, he says even some teachers teach in mother tongue. He mentioned the math teacher who even after he told him he doesn’t understand the language he still spoke to him anyway. Consider he’s in class seven ย and next year he’ll be sitting for his final exams.

That a side.

Thirty minute on the bus and I alighted, took a motorbike to Kathyaka met with the farm worker and minutes later we were on our way to the farm.

Got on a motorbike again. Sandwiched between the rider and the farm worker. This is the kind of place where people don’t shower till Christmas day or something. Don’t ask me about the stench of accumulated sweat and smell of cheap whisky in their breath. I survived anyway, I chose the small town life, gotta live with the people too.

It took us one hour to go round the farm. And soon I was on my way back. Did not want to wait for the next bus so I used a motorbike.

Passed through my aunts hotel, was welcomed with a plate of chicken and chapati.

First day out in the field in a small town. Sure to enjoy small town life.


5 thoughts on “Working in a small town

  1. Don’t even tell me this is true.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.
    I love the life in Kibwezi .I wish I attended the school that school.I would love listening to the local dialect of the teachers.
    The work is commendable and I will definitely stop here one more time.

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