Its 8:30 pm and am in bed. Early to bed is the norm here and tonight with the rain pouring am gonna sleep like a baby. 

Then I hear sounds. Thought it was my son rooming about in the house too excited to sleep like he has been recently. He’s been happy in his new school especially with the presence of my twin cousins in the same school a class ahead of him who have been taking care of him everyday. Protecting him from bullies.

I checked out along the corridor but did not find anything, maybe it was the wind so I got back to my room. Minutes later I heard the sound of disturbed polythene papers.

Then I saw it, a frog moving through the bags still packed with shoes and stuff. Have not yet completed unparking.

My first reaction was screeeem. 

Then I sat on my bed and watched it as it hopped from one bag to the other then disappeared into one. Have a good night my dear. 

It was quiet for a while or was it the sound of the rain pounding on the roof that was drawning its noises. Immediately the rains stopped I heard the noises again. That was 11 pm.I was okay with him spending a night in my bedroom if he had behaved, but now he’s got to go. 

He had entered the paper bag containing plastic cloth hungers. I opened the door and put the whole bag outside plus its contents. My uninvitated guest included.

If only he had behaved he would have had a warm peaceful night. 

Enjoying life in this small town. 

Everything is friendly even Mr froggie wants to keep me company on a rainny night.


4 thoughts on “Small town- frog in my bedroom

  1. lol, I wish frogs were a common house guest here over the freaking mole crickets around my area. Im fine with 99% of insects and even some spiders. But Mole Crickets are a cause to burn down the whole block in my book.

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