Its has taken me two weeks to settle. I don’t mean that I am done unpacking and arranging my house to my satisfaction. Am settled emotionally. I know that because as I write this am up a hill sitting on a rock and looking down enjoying my view. Something I have been looking forward to but unable to do.

Have not been able to post anything recently, been in the house most times wondering where the world is coming from and going too. And if it’s moving how come I wake up at the same position every morning.

Yesterday I had a talk with a friend, a childhood friend someone I adore very much. It lifted my spirits and today I started my routine as I had pictured, starting my day with a run to the hill sitting down for a few minutes to write my stories then back home.

Well, today I started with a ten minute exercise in the house then walked up the hill. My aim is too know well the routes I’ll be using for my morning runs.

As I crossed under the newly completed railway line I saw a passenger train on its way to Mombasa. It passed so fast I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the view of it. As I watched it disappear round a corner, I saw an old cargo locomotive coming from Mombasa running on the old railway line. What are the odd, that they just by passed each other at that point and time when I was watching them. It felt good, dont know why but it did.

Loving this feeling within, not sure what it is, maybe is the beauty of bonding with nature. Stress free as I watch the yellow and white butterflies fly from one shrub to the other, listen to the singing of the crickets hidden under the rocks. Once in a while I get startled by the sudden sprint of a lizard. Its nature and right now am in the middle of it.

This hill is called Mbui Nzau directly translated as the white hill. But there’s nothing white about the hill,  I think whoever named it meant the bare hill. Because unlike most hill in Kenya which are covered by vegetation this one is covered by bare rocks.

Have to cut this short coz the sun is getting hot and I forgot to carry drinking water.

Till tomorrow.


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