After he read my post on Fast love ( not first) I asked him what he thought about it. ” How could you be so stupid to fall for lies.” That’s what he told me in many words. I felt really bad, I still feel bad about that comment. Thought to write as below.

          %.         %.         %

I was too easy to convince, he says

Stupid to say yes, fell for lies.

How would I know lies

When I had never seen before

Should I blame family for being honest

Teaching me honesty

That I never knew dishonesty

And when it happened

I trusted for that’s all I knew

To trust and nothing else

Maybe I am gullible

Wanted to believe

How would anyone make all that up

Naive is what you’d call me

It takes a thief to know another

I ain’t one how could I know one

And so fell for all the stories

Gullible- too willing to believe

Easy to trick, says Oxford

The word exists

Perpetrators n victims must too

I victimize myself in this

          *          *          *

Recently in Kenya we’ve had cases of ‘parallel’ families showing up at funerals of famous men. Families that no one knew about. Most of them were public figures. We thought their lives were public knowledge. Shock on us when women showed up at their funerals with kids same ages as those of the ‘official wives’.

What about that successful lawyer who had two families in two separate towns and none knew about the other. How did he even manage career, family one, family two and the travels in between. The lies that he told!!!

Guess am not the only one who is gullible. 

Atleast for my case I was young.


7 thoughts on “Gullibility

  1. Sometimes there are things in life that happen in order for us to learn something about ourselves and the universe we live in. I wouldn’t say you or the women and even myself are gullible or naive, we’re just on different paths of learning. Not all lessons are good lessons, but they are all equally important. Thanks for sharing!

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