It would be simplicity

To love the one with ability

To see the vulnerability

And provide availability

He loves me I can feel

By the way he says for you I feel

And desperately wishes me to feel

But he’s not the one I can feel

The one I want is distant

Other plans important

His heart is vacant 

But keeping me he does not want

Am not for him maybe

He wants another could be

Why for me can’t he be

That happy always I may be

Wish I could love

The one that me loves

To keep forever the love 

That for me he loves

Its a cycle 

Like the wheel of a cycle

Forever its gonna cycle

Never to break the cycle


7 thoughts on “Its a cycle

  1. Make him the one you feel… He loves you. Break the cycle. Purpose to love him without comparison. He is the one. Tell your brain that, it will pick. You have the power to break the cycle

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