They say nothing defines a woman more than her favorite song. Just listen to it carefully and you’ll know her by heart. Well my all time favorite song is Forever and always by Shania Twain. That’s me, I want things that I can have always and forever.

The bougainvillea happens to be my favorite flower.If you’ve read the poem, stanza 3 says it all. Not sure about the for ever but I always have the flower with me, somewhere close by. Everywhere I go I see it and believe me where I currently live I see it every day, one more reason why I love this small town.  

If I stay in the house,  I always have a bunch set along the corridors which I get for free. Just ask for permission to pluck from someone’s home or maybe get some from those that grow in the wild.

My cousin hates the flower for the same reason that I love it. Its everywhere. Why would anyone hate something because its always present? That beats my logic coz remember my song is forever and always. I love things that I can have always.

Maybe she loves the water lilies, which are impossible to find in this town because its a semi arid, with no big water body and no single permanent river. So she can only see water lilies in photos or when she travels.

I guess thats the reason why most people are miserable in life, going after the stars when they can enjoy a beautiful candle lit evening.

So are you the ‘always’ person or the ‘rare’ is precious person. Would you enjoy that which is locally available or rather struggle to attain that which is elusive and almost impossible to find? In the process miss to enjoy that which is with you. 

I choose the bougainvillea, always with me wherever I go.

My always and hopefully forever.



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