I first heard about this program when in college. Women were obsessed with it. Never cared to know what it was all about. It was the kind that I would never bother myself with, judging by the name.

They are housewives and they are desperate, what a desperate situation.

Then I found myself in that kind of a situation, the only difference was I was without a husband. In all senses I was a house wife,  all I did was wake up prepare my son for school do my chores then stay in reading watching etc the kind of things that housewives do ( no offence).

So I decided to hung out with the four ladies in the program. I managed to watch the four seasons each with twenty four episodes within a month. Thats how idle I was.

The company you keep influences us in many ways, be it personal friends, the books we read or the media, for my case it was the program. 

I remember at some point exercising so hard to attain Gabriellas body then on the third season when she got all fatty courtesy of her two kids. My workouts ended.

Sometimes I tried to keep my kitchen as meticulously clean as Brees but her stardands were beyond my reach. Susan was my fall back friend. Sloppy and desperate to please. I could do better than her, she was my comfort zone.

The career lady was on another level that I could not dream of reaching. Especially the baby making part…what! She was a real baby maker. They came in doubles for Lynette.

I remember feeling lonely the  day after I completed the series. I was missing my friends because I had interacted with them everyday for a whole month and really bonded. Laughed with them, celebrated their achievement with them and even cried with them when tragedy befell any of them. 

I know I sound crazy but believe me you can bond with anything virtual or imaginable if you spend a lot of time with them, whether in your head or in reality and losing them can feel as bad as any other loss. 

I am not sure why I shared this story, but since this is my journal, this happened  in my life and needs to be recorded in here.
My favorite was Gabriella and Susans daughter, can’t remember her name. I loved the interior designs of their houses too especially the colour themes of their wall painting. 

They were desperate for many things like attention, perfection, love but I was desperate for company, and I enjoyed theirs.


13 thoughts on “Desperate Housewives

  1. It’s amazing how the people in shows we watch end up becoming part of our family. I get so upset when shows are cancelled that I have followed for years. When my soap opera’s were taken off the air I thought it was the end of the world! The actress who played Susan’s daughter has been in a few Lifetime movies.

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