I called from my bedroom.

“Bring me the dictionary, I need to check the meaning of this word”

English is not my first language so a little bit shallow on vocabulary. Had to check this one out. Thanks to my Oxford advanced learners dictionary I got the meaning fast.

So our jails are filled with hard criminals sentenced for execution but there has been a reprieve.

Why? You may ask. Okay its a funny story, a rumour, so don’t quote me on this.

The person who used to carry out the executions died some years back and no one has the courage to take his place. 

Is that even possible, that in a country populated by 40million people, we can’t have one single individual whose ready to take on this task. Don’t count me, I can’t do it, that leaves 39,999,999 people. One of you guys should take this for team. 

Because of the reprieve, the criminals continue to eat on our taxes and they do not add any value to our economy coz am told they don’t do any kind of work. 

Waiting for death that never comes, they are hopeless and depressed it would be easier if they just ended it. One such person said that when he was interviewed on TV. 

He was convicted for killing his family – wife and three kids after a night of smoking marijuana. 

Its a pity, no family no mercy no oblivion, just misery.



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