Will be attending a friends wedding this Saturday, it will be the first time I visit Nairobi after I moved out to this small town a month ago. Looking forward to seeing my friends again and show them just how good the small town life has been to me.

How do I do that. Buff up.

For two weeks now I have been exersing every morning like my life depends on it, it actually does but this is done for other reasons.

In most villages this one included, fat people are considered rich. (The Swahili word for fat isn’t offensive) Actually when someone tells you that you have grown  fat, its a complement, you say thankyou.

I promise not to be corrupted by that village mentality.

I love my body cellulite less. So I have been working my arms and abs and its kinda showing good results, though I need to put in more effort. And I am already loving the reflection of me in the mirror which I check everytime before and after showers.

Yesterday I tried on two of my dresses that I plan on wearing during the wedding. They fit just perfectly. Can’t wait to show off my buffed up self to everyone.

Will share the photos…maybe.


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