I run back into the house screaming, my mum gets hold of a mwiko( wooden cooking spoon) and runs to my rescue. She goes to the door to see who is terrifying me, but she  can’t see anyone. I go to the door myself to show her the man who was crawling on his fours towards me, but he’s no more. He was never there. Just the imaginations of my head when I peer into the darkness.  

All my childhood I avoided the darkness and if unavoidable I would walk with my eyes closed. Maybe that’s the reason why  I wet my bed for I was too afraid to go to the bathroom. I would not sleep in a room alone, and since I had siblings, I never worried about that.

 Am not afraid of it anymore, and happy I got over that phobia, so how did it happen.

I found myself alone in a huge dormitory, 50m long by 10m, with cubicles on both sides of the corridor. The place was Sori Migori, along the shores of lake Victoria. It is a monastery going by the name ‘…..Skulls of Golgotha…’ scary name,,right! 

I could not sleep that night, I remember watching ‘Suits the series’ all night with headphones tuned on full volume to block out the sounds from outside. The chattering of dry leaves blown by the breeze from the lake sounded like foot steps ,,, of ,,, ghosts and skulls of Golgotha. I had not found my faith so was pretty scared of ghosts. 

The huge trees towering over the roof would brush across throwing me into a panic, wondering if ‘they’ had decided to come in through the roof. I had left the lights on, both in my room and the corridor hoping it would give an impression of ‘daylight’ hence a sense of security, but that did not help.

I had enjoyed the sound of the lake waves beating against the rock on the shores before but not that night, they were loud and fear instilling. All I could think of were the scary stories that I had been told of the Jinis of the lake side. I have a very active imagination and that night thoughts,, imaginations went through my head, anything and everything thathappen or visit in darkness.

I sat on my bed paralysed, any sound even of my own movement startled and made be jump with fear, causing a raised heart rate, sweating and shaking. It was one scary night. 

Was relieved when morning came. 

The following night, after a long day of working out in the sun, my body was too exhausted to be distracted by fear that I slept like a baby. Research shows the body can survive on lack of food for days but not sleep. And that was my medicine, never been scared of darkness again, got healed of my phobia I can say, the hard way.

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