Looks like theres always a celebration of some kind on every Sunday. My aunt, my favorite of them all ensures that she’s made enough food to feed her family, extended family (where I come in) and the many friends and passersbys who always find some way to visit on Sundays. She’s one in a million. 

But this Sunday was kinda particular, she asked me to go early to her place to help with the cooking after which we would go for christian worship. The celebration would begin in the afternoon. Everyone was quiet about who the visitors were, and l didn’t bother asking since I would be there to see them.

About 2pm a white toyota station wagon pulled into the compound, in it three passengers. Two were familiar faces but one wasn’t. Then I got it, my cousin ( not blood related but she’s been in the family like forever) was having her “man friend” visit, to get to know her family.   

It was also the first time she would set eyes on him. He had travelled all the way from Nyanza about 700kms. A common friend of theirs had hooked them up and for the few weeks they had communicated over the phone. This visit/first time meeting shows a step forward into their relationship. 

Interesting, isn’t? A friend informs you that he has a friend whom he feels would be good for you, he has said the same things to the other friend of his. He provides the phone numbers and there, a phone rings and niceties  are exchanged. One simple scary call turns to late night chatts and calls. Then a visit, a month after the first call!!!!!!

From the look of things, she’s fallen for him and him for her. I’ll be taking a long journey to Nyanza on Friday escorting her to visit his home and family. Now I am in the mix, but I kinda feel its crazy. All in all, I am happy for her. Its a huge responsibility on my part, since there are things she’s hasent been comfy asking and I’ll be the one to raise them ,,,you know as the wing man(wo).

I don’t think this kind of thing is for me, but looking at the way I haven’t been successful in the modern way of finding him, maybe I should ask fo help. Weird as it may sound am open to new or old ways, all I want is to find love.


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