Thee Friday is here. Our journey was to begin at midday, so I slept till late morning to reduce on the waiting time, but still I had a lot of free time because she was running late. So I watched furious 7 for the tenth time, still yet she was not ready. And since it was not my safari to begin with I didn’t wanna rush her. I decided to watch Coupled, a real TV show. I don’t usually do real TV coz everything about them is real, the heartbreaks, deaths, fights etc, my life is reality enough, don’t wanna add others to it. I enjoy entertainment that ends with happily ever after, where the bad guy loses and the good guy wins. But there’s always a first time to everything.

I was really enjoying the show that I kinda felt unhappy when she called at 2:00pm. When we boarded the shuttle I was in no mood for chit chat. Worse still the driver was playing the kind of music that I do not listen to. So I got out my flash disk and gave it to the turn boy. “Please play Diamond, wanna listen to some Bongo”

Instantly my spirits were lifted, I almost started dancing. Its gonna be the best four hour ride to Nairobi since the disk got almost 100 songs from my favorite East Africa musicians.

When the first song played the guy seated next to the driver looked back at me, in recognizing him I smiled back. He’s the owner of the the only supermarket in our small town. There is this one time while I was shopping, a song refixed on Coke Studio played on his stereo, I lost my self for a second and started dancing to the embarrassment of my son. ‘Mum stop, my schoolmates are watching’. … my bad. 

The journey was queit and smooth except for the traffic caused by trucks which outnumber other vehicles by two to one. Mombasa road is the main road that links Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya to Mombasa the main port in East and Central Africa. Most of the trucks are actually ferrying goods to as far as Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. They make our journeys slower considering the topography from Mombasa at sea level to Nairobi at 1700m above sea level is a climb all the way and mark you they are fully loaded. 

I thought with the introduction of Standards Gauge Railway transport which started its operation in June this year, they would be faced off or at least reduced to a minimum. They are the reason why our highways don’t last as long as they should.

About 20kms to Nairobi town the driver asked us to get into another vehicle, a town service mini bus. We were only three passengers and it was not economical for him to go all the way to town, he would take the northern by-pass to Thika town.

The music in my flash disk was still playing, the song after the one playing is one that I love very much, I had been waiting for it all journey. But we had to move, and we did. 

Afew minutes later we were in the Nairobi CBD, as I was alighting the turn boy called out.’pls hurry up mama’. Thank heavens I accepted to be called that two years ago or else I would have asked him if I was his mother. I guess it was the long ‘dera’ a dress mostly worn by Somali women that made me look like a mama. Or maybe I look and act motherly. Whatever the case I smiled at him and said thankyou.

We were really fortunate to get seats on the Easy coach one of the best bus companies in Kenya since most people from the country side travel home on Fridays to spend weekends with family. And so most buses are usually fully booked. We sat at the waiting area waiting on a call for us to board our bus at ….as the receipt said would depart at 9:45 the time was 9:05. Just 40 minutes of waiting. Good.  

Then we would take the long journey to Usenge…….


One thought on “Journey to Nyanza (Kibwezi- Nairobi)

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