Ten minutes past nine, ….fifteen,….. thirty then the long awaited nine fouty- five o’clock, the time at which our bus was to pull out of the bus station and start the long journey to Usenge. The Easy Coach crew was  still loading and helping with the boarding of the 9:15 buses.The passengers booked in the 9:45 pm bus.. as it was announced would  instead use the 10:15 bus. But it was 5 minutes to eleven that we left the packing bay, approximately one hour after the time that we were supposed to, that was disappointing for such a big company with over 600 buses.

Immediately the lights were switched off I was off to slumber land, woke up shortly in Nakuru stop over to use the bathroom and slept again all the way to Kisumu city  where I was half awake due to the noises made by the passengers getting off. After some time we were in Bondo the main town before Usenge, I was fully awake then because it was  morning already, around 7:30 am. 

We were about six passengers in the bus. The turn boy came to have a chatt with us.” Where in Usenge are you ladies going?.” He asked.                                      We had no idea, so we looked at each other and laughed.                                          ” You mean you do not know your home?, you are the kind that get lost in Nairobi city and forget where you came from?  He sad that looking at my friend who is fairly dark skinned, a big percentage of people in Nyanza are dark skinned (Mr. Obama Senior and Lupita Nyongo an Oscar award winner, are from this community).                                             ” Yes, am taking her back home, she’s a very bad girl” I said, and we laughed some more.                                                  “But you dont look like Luos”. He concluded after thinking for a while.     He then moved to the front seats.

Any time we got close to a town center he would ask aloud, ” Who knows there home ………” He would then mention the different centers along the highway, all the while looking back at us, then say. “Leave those ‘zuzus’ alone, they don’t know where they are going”. We played nice, we were in no position to do other wise.

We had been instructed to alight at the Easy coach booking office in Usenge, from there we would receive further instructions, and thats what we did.

The scenery was beautiful to behold,,, green vegetation in a fairly flat terrain with a cone shaped hill here and there. Then we saw it, the blue mass of water stretching into the horizon, Lake Victoria.  

Shortly after out arrival we got two boda boda riders who were told through the phone where to drop us. I got exited when I saw us taking the direction towards the lake. And to my great happiness we stoped about 200m form the lake. Am gonna be spending my weekend at the shows of lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water lake in Africa after Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. 



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