Everyone is in a rush, behind me a group of first ten are waiting to cross with many more behind them. Ahead on the other side of the river they look at me with anger wishing they could just do away with me. There I was at the middle of the bridge, paralysed with fear. 

The two logs of wood that acted as the bridge were starting to get wet from the splashing of water  from the torrential river below. My hand could not let go the two ropes on both sides, I stood still a mid shouts and cries of ‘stupid woman, get off so that we can go home, or jump into the river and die, die,,,,die’

We had received information that it had rained cats and dogs up in the highlands and soon the river would be filled making it difficult for any one to cross. This happens because the bridge gets wet and very slippery, many have died trying to cross during this times. Or it is sometimes swept away.

Everyone was in a hurry trying to get home before it gets more dangerous.  And since the bridge can only accommodate one way traffic two village elders from both sides of the river had come to help control the crossing. A group of ten from both side would cross in turns. 

I stood still and watched as the man who was helping me across try unsuccessfully to swim out of the river. He had accidentally slipped and fell in. Not knowing what to do the man behind me, the village drunk, kicked me with his foot, I ran through the bridge and fell on the other side of the river to the cheering of the crowd. The village drunk had become a hero.

I lay there for a minute in disbelief of what had just happenned. Just when I was getting the hang of it, I felt a sharp pain in my mid finger. Though coming from a small bite mark on the tip of my mid finger the pain was excruciating. I screamed and ran around like a mad woman but no one paid attention, they were still annoyed with me, or busy getting away from the soon to be flooded river.

Up the river bank somewhere, a nice old lady asked to inspect my finger which had started swelling. Soon the the rest of the hand up to to the wrist joined in. The lady after inspection took out a piece of aloe vera herb from her bag and started applying all over my hand. Aloe vera is my wonder drug, I always have it somewhere. Right now there is a piece in my fridge that I got from my aunt’s, my dust bin is filled with used pieces of it and out in my flower bed there’s one planted. I use it on my face, cuts and wounds and once in a while a drink aloe juice to cleanse my system.

But this aloe was a little bit strange, coming out of the leaf it was not mucury and colourless as usual but whitish and smooth spread like jelly. She had actually mixed it with petroleum jelly, who does that! She told me I had been bitten by a small but dangerous maroon coloured insect. The kind that when they find their way into concrete they can bring down a building. 

The swelling continued despite the fact that the whole hand was covered in aloe-jelly. It looked like Mr Halk’s hand- one of the avengers, but the pain had reduced. Then the swells started bursting, I watched in horror as the skin got loose all around the fingers, the palm and around the wrist. Then like a glove it cut off around the wrist. The old lady carefully pulled it out.

There a new brand hand was, soft and beautiful. But it was not for keeps. 

I woke up from my sleep. 

I should stop watching Japanese ninja movies, they are corrupting my head.

I smiled at myself, my head was trying to wake me, it was time to use the bathroom. I appreciate a lot because in my childhood this bringing me back to consciousness was in vain and every night I ended up doing it in my sleep right there on my bed.

Am always woken up by different dreams depending on how tired I am or how heavily asleep I am. They start like nice beautiful dreams with me and family at home and evolve into scary and horrifying ones if I resist the first call. The most horrifying if them end with snakes in them.

I remember this one night after working the whole day in the hot sun a snake crept into my dream. This particular one jumped towards me in order to bite me. I held it with my left arm and squeezed life out of its head. That’s how tired I was that I could not let a snake mess with my sleep. 

The horror of having killed a snake with my bare arm woke me up,,,I think!!!!! I had to run to the bathroom coz it was almost out.

I love how my head, mind, brain, nerves or whatever it is works. It’s too complex to comprehend. But I love the dreaming part.

I leave the rest to the Neuro Scientist Doctor Pierce the main actor in the TV series – Perception.


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