“Football is Man-united and Arsenal.” That’s the answer a lady gave when asked what football is. Talk of blonde moments!!!!

I do not watch football anymore, and there are many reasons for that.

One reason is that I do not have boy- friends picking me up every weekend head down to crowded bars and scream our hearts out at men chasing after a piece of dried up goat skin.

Not to say that I did not enjoy those evenings, they we’re the bomb back in my college days. The hottest being when Arsenal played against Man United.

At least on such particular evenings TVs in all the pubs would be tuned in to the one channel streaming the match. ( all would be anyway). Woe unto you if this two teams are playing against different teams and you happen to stumble into a pub whose owner supports the team that you do not.

Few months into college and we figured out the teams supported by each bar owner in town. And we had good reasons.

Sometimes you get into a bar, order and pay for a drink and start to sip as you watch the match. Then this regular trusted and loyal customer walks in with a pot belly that needs filling. He orders the channel to be changed, for he supports the other team. They oblige. Its like 10mins into the game, and you’ve only taken a few sips of your drink, mark you, the drink was to cover you till the end of the game.

The decision you make would show where your loyalty lies, to the team or your pocket.

With the limited funds in college we always chose the drink, a decision based not on loyalty. In no way would a college student leave a drink half taken.

Silently cursing the customer we would watch his team play and wish for it to loose, not just wish but pray. How would he make us loose on 150shillings, since walking into another bar would mean spending more money on drinks. It was pub policy to provide seats only for those consuming their merchandise. And most times all we had was money for one drink, saved throught the week so that we could enjoy the game on weekend.

Right now I can afford to pay for cable TV and watch all the games at the comfort of my living room, but its no fun without the company. And the the rivalry!!! I remember feeling very hurt when someone commented negatively about the team I supported, and we all know that supporting Arsenal can be pretty disappointing.

I also do not watch soccer to show my solidarity to the ladies who always loose the battle of who is gonna have the man for the evening, soccer or the lady.

And mainly, no soccer no more because I am single. If he was here, and a soccer fun I would definitely show my support.

No football for me till he comes along.

Please come soon.


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