Day 1

Appreciation day

I am thankfull for what I have because. ..well I have it.

 That which makes me ,,me. One in a million, unique in my perfect imperfections.

I love that I have got me, my perception and appreciation of the world. The fact that I am me, and I am alive.

Most times I become saddened at funerals for the simple fact that the deceased can neither join us in the wailing neither can they enjoy the sleep. Such a waste of space death is. 

But I am still breathing, and writing and thats one thing am appreciative about. 

One step at a time.

Its a 30 day long stress relief journalling.

Day 2

What’s going on well in my life right now…

The prospect of a job. Its been long, 6months to be precise without even the promise of a job. The heated political temperatures in the country making it impossible to think or even hope for anything. I was at the point of almost giving up. But today Hassan called, the job has not been confirmed but the fact that I might have it is making me very hopeful.

Hope I get it.

Pls let me get it.

I need to get it.

Day 3 to be continued…...


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