Describe a happy memory.

What did you see, hear, smell and feel.

I was eight or there about, my sister two years younger, the beautiful happy days. It had rained all afternoon and we slept through the storm.

It was really cold when we woke up, so we wore our polo neck sweater. My mum and grandma always knitted sweaters for us, I even remember as a child owning  a pair of woollen panties made by my grandma. Throught out primary school we had knitted sweaters for school, home and safari. Am left wondering why I ever thought having jumpers was cooler than hand made sweater, for one ‘they’ could never have my sweater for they did not have my mum and grandma. The few things that I did not appreciated as much as I should have, now gone with the wind.

My mother invited us on the table for a cup of warm beverage and a piece of sweet potatoes, just what we needed. From the first sip I knew it wasn’t tea, but I could not figure out what it was. It had a distinctive flavour that lingered long after I had swallowed and floured smoothly in the mouth. I enjoyed every sip.

Then we started getting warmer with each passing sip, it felt good and warm and huggy. Shortly after, we started sweating lightly with sweat pallets forming around the nose. We got off our sweater. Its was a magical drink, exactly what little girls need in a cold late afternoon.

Too bad coffee is not advised for kids because of it’s addictive nature. And not mostly consumed in Kenya as a report I read somewhere said that Kenyans prefer tea and beer even though they are one of the biggest producers of coffee.

Am a coffee woman myself and that’s the first time I remember having coffee.


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