It was once said that the difference between a city resident and city dwellers lies in the kind of phone they own. That was years back when smart phones were a thing to be marvelled at on the pages of a magazine just like sports cars today.

As it was said city dwellers own the kind that you can use chargers from anywhere, all you had to do is ask for a charger and you got one. City residents in the other hand had phones with specific charging system and could only use the chargers bought with the phone.  Of phones and class and economical status!!!

When the statement was made I was still in college and though I knew I was in the city dweller category it was just a matter of time before I crossed over. Years later,  yesterday I was reminded that I haven’t. At least not yet.

I forgot to carry the charger for my Infinix phone, but no worries ‘I can use’ any charger, at least that is what I thought. By evening my battery was at 15% and I hadn’t found a charger yet. They were all helping me with the search for a sumsung charger the contractor and the engineer too.

They’ve got smart phones but I assumed they needed to use them over the night that’s why they warent offering theirs.

” Why can’t I use yours for an hour or so?”  I asked.
“Sorry mine is an iPhone.” He said.

It was a sincere apology but what I heard was, ” you’ve got an inferior phone.”

I am still a city dweller.


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