The other day my son was asked to report to school with their parents for a PTA meeting. He insisted on leaving the house together with me because the teacher had instructed them not to leave home without being accompanied by their parents. So instead of leaving home for school at 6:00am we left together at 9:am. 

I expected to see other students on the way to school accompanied by their parents, but there warent any. Just me and my son. 

First thought was he played me for a few extra minutes of sleep and TV.

Or he got played by his friend.

Well, the announcement  at the evening parade was made in the local language which he does not understand. So he asked his friend to tell him exactly what the teacher had announced. 

As it happens, the friend too understands little of the language. They are the only two in the whole school who reported late.

Forward to the meeting and half way through I asked for permission to leave. It was all being done in the local language, and I happened to be the only one who did not understand.

I’ll call the headteacher later for the summary of the meeting and what’s needed. Probably just a few more coins to take care of this and that, this free education has never been free for real.

Small town life has got its own challenges, and language is the biggest for me and my son. 

We’ve got to learn this language.


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