My plan was to spend two nights in Voi, was sure I would have learnt all I needed by then. It was never to be. That Tuesday at around 10pm I was a wakened by a loud scream, it was Antie Carol. They had just received news that her sick brother had passed on.

I remember how she had talked about him for most of the two hours that I had spent with her at her shop learning the ice making business. She had just come from home where she having gone to take care of him and had left when he showed some improvement.

The next day she travelled to Wundanyi their home together with her big sister my host. I volunteered to baby seat her shop and pretty much enjoyed my day with Harry Porter e-book in between sales. 

Thurdsay, the day I was to travel back to Mbui Nzau I actually spent alone in their home. The rest of the family had traveled to attend the burial and I took care of the place. Killed boredom and loneliness with Spiderman homecoming movie and the perfect match which had been in my flush disk for ages but I hadn’t found time to watch.

” This is home my dear, please stay till I come back” she( the mama of the home) had said to me before she left.

So I unpacked, bought a few more clothes and settled.

Its almost a week and for sure I have learnt so much. Starting with the recipes for making pilau, Bhagia, viazi karai, mabuyu, ukwaju juice, raw mango juice and perege ( small kind of fish but bigger than omena). I have added a few vocabularies into my Swahili dictionary too.

And afew grams around my waist.

Because the meals are deliciously made, hard not to add an extra spoon and the company of young men with big appetities, so when they reach for a piece I pick one too. We are usually about 10 at the dinner table, I told you she’s  a generous one and right now she’s hosting a few of her nephews.

Its always hard to maintain routines when visiting like my morning runs or rope skipping, still yet drinking water before bed time and two glasses of water first thing in the morning. I avoided water in the evening because the toilet happens to be located outside the main house 10 meters away. That means I have to climb down the double decker bed, walk out of the house, across the compound to attend to the call of nature. I can’t afford to do that even though the security lights shine all night.

For one, I am scared of stepping on insects like scorpions and millipedes which happen to be allover the place,and also the usual fear of darkness with its many unknowns. 

Most nights my brain works extra hard to wake me, even on some nights I dream of lions to scare me into waking up but only wake up after killing them in my sleep, with my bare hands. Then get even more scared of walking to the toilet just in case my dream comes true since the Tsavo National Park is just but a few Kilometers from this home, 5kms.

I had a chance to visit the market on Friday and attended spiritual worship on Thursday and Sunday. I had planned on going out in the ministry on Saturday but the day had been scheduled for general cleaning of the place of worship which I gladly participated and made new friends in return.

Sunday afternoon was spent at a sister’s home who invited us for lunch, the association was beautiful. 

I enjoyed my  stay in Voi.

Will definitely do this again.


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