Tuesday 7th November

Finally I decided to travel home on Tuesday afternoon. After purchasing afew things at the market I boarded the chania cool bus. I paid 300 bob for the journey but my ticket indicated 250, the bus conductor said the balance was his commission, I was in no mood to fight so I let him have it. He promised we would be off soon, it was fifteen minutes to three o’clock.

Thirty minutes later we were still at the bus stop even though the engine had been turned on and the bus was making some slight movement back and forth to give the impression that we would be on the move soon.

A lady boarded and asked to sit on the seat next to mine. I did not understand why she wanted that specific seat when the bus was less than half full, even the seats on the other side of the corridor were unoccupied. Maybe she wanted company. I thought of telling her no but decided otherwise. I wanted a queit ride to continue reading the prison journal by Lord Jeffrey Archer -Hell.  Was hoping to get inspiration to continue with my own journalling.

The lady refused to give her bus fare just yet. On her journey to Voi from Nairobi they had been kept at the busstop for hours, afraid of the same situation she was only going to pay when the journey starts. The conductor came time and again but she would not burge, I supported her making the conductor turn his anger towards me. If I hadn’t paid already I would have alight and looked for another means of transport most probably a transit truck.

We left the busstop at about twenty minutes to four and in a few minutes we were on the highway. The evening sun was coming directly onto us from the west so we moved to the seats on the east side. 

“Did you guys in Kibwezi vote on the 26th of October.” She asked me once we were settled.

” I do not discuss politics.” I answered not turning my head from the phone. 

“Would you know if other people voted?.” 

She came to me again assuming by my first answer that I had not voted.

I posed for a moment, took my eyes off the Jeffrey Archer ebook and looked straight ahead. I swallowed a puff of air and exhaled through my mouth abit loudly searching for the correct answer.

“I don’t know exactly what to tell you, but to be sincere I do not discuss politics.” 

She got it right and clear this time round. From the corner of my eye I noticed her stare at me for a while, (I wish I knew what was going on through her mind), she then turned her head to the right, levelled her seat to a sleeping position and was in slumber land in a few. From her ascent I knew the region she came from.

There have been controversies over the repeat presidential elections with the government asking citizens to vote while the opposition leader asking them not to. Chaos have erupted in some regions leading to deaths and destruction of properties. It safe to keep my position on the issue to myself.

I went back to my book, “the Belmarsh prison librarian had come to Archer’s cell to ask him not to sign any of his authored books (novels) because they were being stolen from the library by other prisoners. His signed books were being used as a mode of exchange among the inmates.”

The rest of the journey continued queitly for most passengers who were asleep.  Myself I spent the time reading, writing and moving from one seat to the next. At first I got uncomfy sitting next to her, she was occupying her seat plus a fraction of mine so I moved to another seat. I got uncomfy in that too and moved yet again. I looked like a night runner walking around when people were asleep.

Two hours later I was home, that was fast, faster than on the truck but if I include the one hour wait at the bus stop it still comes to three hours. Once in my house I unpacked and carried afew stuff to my aunts home. Most importantly I had bought perege( small fish) which I planned for dinner with my aunts family.

The welcome was overwhelming especially from poppy, my aunts dog. He has so much love to give, he’s always jumping around and on me but sadly I do not know how to enjoy that. I actually screamed for my son to come out and save me from all the love poppy was showing me. He was climbing all over me walking in his twos with his fore legs on me, it made me uncomfy.

My cousin Jane ran out first followed closely by my son Quincy. Looking at them come towards me at that speed I thought they would rum into me and we would both go tumbling on the ground. They’ve got good brakes those two. They were all over me and so poppy had no space but to circle around us jumping and wagging its tail. 

In the house after the niceties I gave each one their presents and the stuff they had left in Voi when we travelled back after the convention in August. My cousin had left a camisole and some inner clothes, a belt for my son and a shirt for my uncle. 

I prepared dinner which we enjoyed so much especially the small fish that I brought which was new to everyone. If they had been wondering just how I got big within  a weeks stay in Voi they didn’t wonder any more looking at the amount of food I ate that evening. We have been working on our weight with my other cousin who’s getting married in a months time and I happen to be one of her brides maid. Looks like we’ll have to enlarge our dresses.

It was a beautiful evening. My son tried to persuade me to spent the night at my aunts home but all I wanted was to sleep in my own bed. So I left.

Happy to be back home.



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