Gone gone gone.

The song by Phillip Phillip woke me up. Its a Saturday morning and I have no plans for the day so I do not understand why I set the alarm. That’s my ringtone. Its an in coming call. I do not like being woken up from my sleep but I kinda smiled when I saw the caller, Bahati.

“I’ll be in Kibwezi today for work and am calling to see if we can have lunch or something.”

We’ll definitely have time. Life in small time can be boring sometimes, spending time with an old friend is a welcome.

“Please bring me something from Nairobi”

I had sausages in mind. Been craving them for a while. I lay back in bed planning my day. A thought crossed my mind. Bingo.

I woke up and started packing. I called my friend but she didn’t pick so I send an SMS requesting her for accommodation at her place for a few days. I then called Bahati. I was to travel to Nairobi on Monday anyway, will be two days early.

“If your colleague does not mind I would like to travel back to Nairobi with you” Other than worrying that they would delay me they were okay with my plan.

At two in the afternoon I met then at Billionaires camp and drinks (its owned by the richest man in this small town hence the name). After sipping on fanta and catching up we left for Nairobi. At Kiboko we bought roasted maize, I always do coz the maize here is fresh from the farm courtesy of Kenya Agricultural Research Institute located in the area. The institute is experimenting on better and easier ways of maize production ensuring an all round year of fresh maize supply.

As we neared Emali town the radio tuned in to the local language station (they come from this county) started announcing football match between Arsenal vs Tottenham. Him being a fun of Arsenal he asked if we could stop for a while to watch the match. I used to be a fun, but I do not watch soccer as I used to anymore.

At the …hotel we climbed the stairs onto the first floor and sat around a table facing a huge screen. He was all eyes on the game but not before we ordered. I wanted a glass of wine but they were selling in bottle only so I asked for a black ice. I also asked him if I could have some sausages, to satisfy the cravings. He agreed. I didn’t have any cash with me, but I did not worry, I trust him that much.

We were close once upon a time, I was just out of college and doing well. Back then it was me who paid for the drinks and the sausages. I remember this one time when we flew to the coast for a weekend, and I gladly financed everything. We grew apart after I found my faith and decided to live a fornication free life. Our options were marriage or breakup. We chose the later, he was still in college and we were not ready for commitment.

What a match! Arsenal won 2 nill, don’t get used to this funs it only happens once in a while. The journey from Email proved to be very slow due to traffic. At the Machakos junction we decided to take the right turn to Machakos town after staying in traffic for too long. We would spend the night there continue with the journey the next day.

In Machakos wele started with diner which the waiter had promised would be ready in 30minutes but came after more than an hour. I was disappointed. We later met his cousin at jingle place. It was full and loud. And they were playing this Jamaican music that I hate. I asked the DJ to play me two songs by Tanzanian musicians that I have been obsessed with. (Natamba by Aslay and Zilipendwa by Diamond etc).

I danced for a while looking forward to the two songs but despite a few reminders he did not play. It was after midnight and I couldn’t wait anymore so I left a little bit annoyed. Outside I played the two songs from my playlist on phone, that lifted my spirits. Its was starting to rain so we retired for the night.

I had my own room if you are wondering what happened later. My old friend is happily married and still keep my faith.


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