Sunday 19

It was still raining when I woke up. If they hadn’t woken up too I would have gone back to bed. I was actually delaying them so I hurried up. We drove in the rains all the way to General motors in Nairobi. It was surprisingly dry in the CBD itself where I was dropped.

I walked to the Azuri restaurant but found it closed, I had forgotten it was a Sunday. I boarded the MSL bus and headed to Kasarani, to my besties home. This was one of the rare times I was hoping for traffic jam to delay me. It was around ten and my hosts were still at Sunday worship.

So when I alighted at the seasons stage I decided to have some breakfast as I waited for them. A few minutes after eleven they picked me up. The first thing they noticed, the extra KGS. I told them and many others who asked that it’s the rain season in Kibwezi and that comes with lots of food. So it’s just natural to add afew kilos, it’ll all gonna be shed when the the dry season comes.

The neighbourhood hasn’t changed much from what its was six months ago. This place had been my home since 2009 when I was a third year student at the University of Nairobi.

I prepared lunch, the husband wondered why they had let the visitor serve instead of the other way round. She said, ‘ its good to have a luhya girl as a friend, she’ll always find her way into the kitchen.’ I have been to the house and the kitchen many times because I used to live a few blocks away and we spent a lot of time in each others house, it’s like a second home.

At three in the evening she started preparing for work.

” I am on night duty on Sundays and Mondays, and I knew if I told you that before you would not have come.”

She was right about that, we hadn’t talked for a while so I didn’t know her shift had changed, she works at the airport.

The seven o’clock news that evening were full of saddening events of killings in the Mathare slums. Rumours had it that they were tribal killings. A group of armed men had butchered and killed two young men and a woman too. The deceased are from the Luo community, same as the opposition leader.

The president was to be sworn in on Tuesday and the opposition supporters had promised to swear in their leader too, leading to heightened political temperatures.

” I don’t want to be killed just because I am a luo.” Louise lamented.

” At this point I hate being a Luo, and I do not want to die before I get married.”

She’s twelve years old and already thinking of marriage.

“My dear, you should be thinking of your primary school final exams next year and highschool, marriage is way ahead, don’t go too fast.”

That night when I went to bed I was worried that things might escalate leading to the same situation as 2007-2008 post election violence. Many people were killed then and many more displaced.

All I wanted was to get my cheque from Engineer Japheth on Monday and head back home where its calm and very few people are bothered with the politics in Nairobi.


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