I told Aggy to ask her father to come to the sitting room for a minute. I needed to let him know that I was leaving but would come back later in the week since I had a job scheduled for 6th and a meeting for the 7th and I had confirmed my attendance.

I had so much to do in town, buy a few stuff plus pick the wedding cake from Bethel on Ngong road. Once in town, I left my luggage at the Tuskys supermarket baggage area and promised the guy some lunch.

I had promised to arrive at 9am but due to traffic jam I arrived fourty five minutes late. Julie, just like Pat (bride) is considered a cousin though we are not related by blood coz she’s been in the family like forever. There are friends who truly stay closer than brothers.

As I waited at the reception I called Amos who’s is at Bethel to let him know that I was around. He’s a childhood friend but we lost contact for some years and whom we did reconnect later he told me that he was interested in me. He had a crush on me when we were teenagers. Right now we remain friends.

In her place Julie served me a plate of rice, fish curry and a glass of grape juice. It was delicious. She disappeared into their bedroom ( she’s married) and came out with a beautiful cloth, I thought it was an apron but she asked me to put it on. It fit just perfectly. If I wasn’t travelling I would have stayed in the dress

We then moved to the business that had brought me. The wedding cake. She took me through the process of icing and decorating and cutting. There is no easy job, its experience that makes it look easy.

Amos came when we were still on it. I like him but I am not sure if its enough for a lifetime commitment. My sister says hes not good looking while my bestie says he’ll bore me immediately after the honey moon, she says I need a man who can engage me intellectually.

We went back to our business and packed the five cakes in a box including all the ingredients for deco. Once done I dialled uber which came almost immediately that I forgot to bid Amos bye bye. But since would be coming back maybe will find time to hung out.

I took the cake to Tuskys baggage area again for I needed to buy a present for the couple, a card and wrapping paper. I was to meet my Bestie too, I had not seen her since she left home the previous day for work. She had spent the night at her friends place somewhere close to the airport. She was a little bit distant. I didn’t know exactly how she was feeling even though I have been in her place before.

With all my luggage I went to our stage at Athusi, where those golden coloured ugly mini buses were packing and unpacking. I got into one not allowing anyone to carry the cakes but I, I won’t even allow the turn boys to touch the box. I actually slapped their hands off the box a few times.

I need a personal car, it would have been very easy to travel. But will do with what I have, hopping the jobs promised will materialize and hopefully I buy one soon.

The goodness with this buses they do not stay at the bus station for long. Each bus is given fifteen minutes only at front raw. A minister (pastor) started preaching just before we left the stage and as usual asked the passengers to bless the work with whatever they had, then they would be blessed in return!!!

After he had alighted some guy in a denim shirt stood from the seat next to the door.

” Ohh, the minister has already left, , , ,has he collected his contribution already, , ,ohh I forgot to tithe…”

He was jocking.

“You have been fed spiritually, I am here to feed you physically” he announced to the passengers.

He was marketing chocolates.

“I have chocolates here, very nice ones, they are not just chocolates but have been combined with cake. For those who know what chocolates are you’ll appreciate this new taste.”

He went on and on about the nutritional value then shared a few packets before passengers started buying. He next started asking questions and whoever answered correctly( only those who had bought) would be given a present, a packet of choco-cake.

Question 1 “When a corpse is dead where is it taken?

Passengers answered, the montuary.


Q2 “What is that last thing you lifted up last night then spread on the bed before you slept.”

They took a few minutes thinking, as some said bed sheet or blankes. I jokingly answered the legs.

Before this I had not been interested in his business.

” Right answer, but presents are for the customers only.”

Q3 ” Paul Ngei was the Kenyan who first flew the Kenyan flag on Mt Kilimanjaro after independence, how old was he?

The Kenyan flag was flown on Mt. Kenya not Kilimanjaro, which is in Tanzania. I got that too. So I bought some Choco-cake and got my presents.

Q4 “How many legs do vehicles run on?

He got the answer from the back.

Q5 “How many 7s are there between 1 to 80?

No one in the bus had an answer. He gave it to us. 18.

I arrived at around 6:30 pm in Mbui Nzau. A few minutes later I was at my aunts place. I had missed my son so much, we embraced for a while. I later gave him the things I had brought him. He looked dashing in the Indian attire and maasai sandals that I had bought him for the wedding.

I had bought Maria, Pat’s ( the bride) niece a pair of rubber shoes. Mistakenly I gave them to Esther her aunt, Pat’s sister. All the time as I asked her to fit I thought she was Maria. Thank heavens they did not fit, if they had it would have been difficult taking them from her and giving them to the intended person.

It was late when I together with Quincy and another of Pat’s nephew left to go sleep at my place.

I was exhausted to my nails.

Three days to the wedding.


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