Saturday 2nd

One days to the wedding day. Having been away from my house for two weeks I had to start with cleaning. There was so much to do so I called Mwende to help with laundry. At 11 I made my way to Makindu ( 15 mins away) to decorate the cake.

The groom picked me up at the bus stage. He was staying at the best couples home, Kenny and Beatty.

First of all I needed to get some money from the bank (we’ve got no bank in our small town) and send to Mwende, her payment for the laudry work. With all the anxiety I instead send to Ma Mwende in my contacts. She’s our salonist, so I asked her to withdraw and give to Mwende who went for it at the salon.

Once in the house I went straight to the kitchen like I always do, but this time I was on official business of wedding cake icing and decoration.

I went through the notes that I had made when Juliet took me through the process at Bethel. She had also send me a WhatsApp message with information. The groom and a friend (Noah) left to run some errand. I stayed alone immersed in the task. I started with the small round cake, surprisingly I managed to roll the fondant and cover over the cakes with ease.

Trouble was decorating the cakes. I had purple and maroon flowers and pitch coloured ribbon. At this time I discovered that I never take a minute to look at the cakes decorations and think of the work that went into it. I called Juliet for help. Which she gave so I arranged the flowers on one cake just to get the impression. I went to the sitting room to relax a bit and stay away from the cake so as to have fresh eyes when I look at it again. I looked at cakes online to get more ideas.

Then I heard the gate open, it was Sela the matron, Noah’s wife. How happy I was to see her. I needed support. She was happy with the deco on the first cake. Together we worked on the other two cakes coming up with ideas and implementing them. We were happy with the end result.

By that time my back was breaking, I made my way home. All I wanted was my bed. But at home I still had to unhung my clothes and clean the fridge, everything in it had gone bad. Looks like there was a blackout when I was away in Nairobi.

It as a relief to lay down and relax my back. It never felt better. I slept for an hour. Having no food in my house and in no mood to make any. I made my way to my aunts home. Happy I did because they had slaughtered a goat. The home was buzzing with activities. People had already started arriving for the wedding mostly the brides family.

Hers sisters and their families filled the home, they were making dinner.
I joined in and made ugali.

We had a good time. I left with about five people to sleep at my place, my aunts house was full.

One day to the wedding.


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