Sunday 3rd

The wedding is tomorrow, I wish I knew what the couple are feeling.

I started my day early at my aunts place, putting final touches on the house. We’ll be having visitors in the afternoon after worship which start at 10am. Within no time it was 9:25, time to head to place of worship. We were all scrambling for the bathroom.

The bride Pat, and her two sisters Esther and Rachel went in together. This is new. The last time I shared a bathroom with anyone was way back before I was a teenager. Those days in the village we would share the bathroom with my siblings and cousins male and female. In high school we all showered in the abolition block. I didn’t even know people still shower together except couples. Am told they always shower together, five of them including two of their nieces, Maria and another whom am yet to meet.

As time was moving fast I rushed into the bathroom, there was someone else in but I couldn’t wait so I joined in and we showered together. She’s Pat’s second degree cousin. I think I closed my eyes throughout, coz I do not remember seeing anything.

The wedding was to take place in Makindu. After Sunday worship in Mbui Nzau and lunch at my aunts place the bridal party left for the hall in Makindu. I had been given some time to manicure and pedicure the bride. Beauty is my side hustle, I decided to start it when my main job had reduced to just a job in months. I learnt the trade not from any college but from carefully watching as it was done on me over the years.

In Makindu we started with the arrangement of the seats at the hall, and practising our entry pattern and procedure following the songs selected by the couple for bridal party entry. We went through every detail as expected to happen on the wedding day.

Rehearsals were done at the reception area too. By this time I was bored, there was nothing new and I hate it when people take all the time discussing something that can be decided upon in a second. This is usually the time when I sit back somewhere in a corner and start writing.

Its was already dark when we got back at my aunts place. Pat’s brother had set the music system outside with everyone else around it and some space left at the center to act as the dance floor.

I forgot I was bored and tired. I took to the dance floor. It was eleven that we left for my house. Twelve of us – my son, sister, three cousins and the brides nieces and nephews including her father. With just two beds in my house the floor came into use, plus the many extra blankets and sheets that are rarely used.

It looked like a camping site.

The last night for the couple as singles


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