I won’t bore myself with the waking up ritual and preparation. I was picked at twenty minutes to 11am, the time the service was to start. Makindu,a the venue is just fifteen minutes away. My aunt insisted that the bride is supposed to be late.

All the weddings I have attended before I have always been on the other side. Waiting to see the flower girl, page boy, brides maids and finally the bride. This time I was on the being awaited side. When my turn came to walk in I did in style. It was my moment to shine and shine I did.

By the time I got to my seat I was shaking. All that pressure and all the eyes. It took a minute to compose myself. I watched as the bride walked in, slowly with the parents holding her hands. As she was handed over to her man I could see the pressure, I could feel it. I am not sure I wanna go through all that, when I get my man I will probably take him to the AG and get over with it.

The speech was really good. The one point I went home with was the comparison of love to the clothes we wear. They do cover a lot from our misgivings. And if we have love, especially the couple then they’ll only see the good in each other.

From the hall we left for the photo session then the highlight of the program. Reception. We were welcomed with songs and dance, the rest of the guests were at the venue already.

Food was served, I was on the high table so I got mine fast. The rest were queuing and I saw my son at the end of the line. I was unable to start eating. The queue was moving slowly so I asked the bride if I could have my son served from the high table.

He was, and then I started eating too. Just then the DJ played Marry you a song done by Diamond of Tanzania in collaboration with Ne-yo of USA, I could not contain myself. I again asked the bride for permission to dance. It was just me, no one joined but I did it anyway to the end. I am not shy when it comes to dancing.

After the speeches from parents and the cakes. The floor was opened for dancing. And dancing we did until evening when the couple left.

Left to have their first night together.

The beginning of the rest of their lives together.


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