This songs seems to be following me everywhere. Since the day he sent it to me I have developed an ear for it. I love Ed Sheeran’s music but this particular one did not catch my antention nor hold it. After listening to it on YouTube I kinda forgot about it immediately.
I got goose bumps listening to it (after he had sent) on my phone, I heard it from the heart this time. That evening it was played on NTV and I sat down and watched. I loved the cartoon video of an inventor finding love and kids coming later. It is a beautiful love story.
The next day in the salon it was played, its part of Maina’s collection and I keenly listened to each and every word. This morning as we were making our way to Kitengela for work it played on radio. Why is it following me everywhere I go. Has it been here all this time and I din’t just listen or could it be that I did not notice before coz it did not apply to me.
Could the heavens be sending me a message, that this is a perfect duet. That I should put my guard down and open my heart to love. That despite my reservations about marriage I can actually have a good one. A good one because me and him we are a perfect duet.


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