Wednesday January 10th
The day wasn’t going as planned. Despite our many efforts to start work we had trouble operating the survey equipment software. So we decided to go home at midday.
We were having coffee (Adongo) and tea (me) when my phone rung. It was a nameless number, I answered.
“Hello Carol, its Brian, Mburu asked me for your number but I could not give it to him until I speak to you.”
“Jay!, how is he, I have missed him. Please give him my number, I’ll be waiting for his call.”
I turned to Adongo.
“Guess who that was?”
“I have no idea but he’s got respect.”
“Its Brian, Mburu asked him for my number.”
She was excited!!!
“Wow, Carol do you know what that means?”
I had an idea but I didn’t want to count my chicks before they hatch.
That evening he called. His voice was a little strange. Maybe because I had never talked to him on phone before or because the last time I spoke to him was three years ago.
That was the beginning of many hours of calling and SMS-ing.
It was on a Wednesday, he was scheduled to travel to Nairobi from Kisumu on Sunday. We arranged to meet at our place of worship then have lunch afterwards.
That would be our first lunch together, hopefully the first of many to come.


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