Mission Accomplished

 War is stupid, my opinion
I take an AK 47, him a G3
Load bullets meant for his heart
Same intentions, he does it too

He’s the enemy

To him am the enemy too
We fight for what we believe in
Opposing ideologies
So who’s right?
Who’s really the enemy
We pray, not to the same god for sure

I drive over the landmine
It detonates
Unknown to him, I have set one down the road

One..two..three..his tanker explodes

     Mission accomplished



Adventures of a Water drop #1

Loosing myself in all this salinity
The heat makes me uncomfy
Oh my, i can fly, rising rising
Have to crab this dust
Can rest after the long ascent
With the wind inland we move
Why is every drop joining me
Too heavy for the dust

Down we fall, they call us rain

I hung on a tree for a while
The leaf bends and drops me
With a thud I hit the ground
Roll downhill to the pool
She draws me into a bucket
Enjoy the lift to her home
I hate the smell of detergent

Done with us, into the drainage she pours
Together we ride to the river
I swim along not sure of destination
Its gets salty again
I hate this
Cant wait for the ascent
And the ride in the clouds.


              To make a choice or not to

         It’s still a choice

Right, left or stay put!

         Why hard to decide?

                 We are judged by our choices

                             Informed or not

                   The consequences we suffer.

         Forced or coaxed

Its our choice

           To live with it we must.

                       Do I stop life? live afraid?

                                    Or just make the choice

                         To enjoy or regret later

             Life is all about a Choices

 Stop living or make a choice

That’s still a choice.

Lonely some times

We say it’s awesome
And that’s true
Because am the best company for me
True true true
But it can be lonely sometimes
–   –   –
I miss the late night chats
The cuddles and u know what….
The warm breaths at the back of my neck
The sound of a beating heart close  by
For I am lonely
–   –   –
I wake up at midnight for lack of sleep
One two three hours no one to talk to
A mosquito may sing and bite
For thats all I have for  company
For it is lonely at this time
–   –   –
Otherwise I would be waking up
To a warm body next to mine
Feet maybe tangled
The paired  body entwined
If I wasn’t lonely

The barber shop



             Tired of my hair

        Wanna visit the barber 

     The one next to the harbor   

           Warm welcome smile

     He is one handsome male

Short hair will suit you miss Bale

          A towel over my shoulder 

     Up down the machine wonder 

Long black hair falls down under

              Water and soap

             Cleans like a mop

       A massage feels like a nap

              I give a node

         For a cut well done

   Hands him a fifty bob note

             I take my leave

       He gives me the wave

    Sure to be back at this Dave